It has been a pretty great week, a lot has happened. By the time your reading this blog, I will have probably already spoken to KB on my show. Honestly I have spoken with him in the past and there is just something that I have noticed about that guy that I wanted to talk about.

He is a go getter. I don’t know if you have had a chance to check out his latest album #tomorrowwelive. But it is full of pump me up real music. I think the time of songs just focused around money, girls, cars so on so forth are coming to an end. Even amongst my non-christian friends, I have noticed them getting really tired of all the garbage songs that mean nothing.

Something specifically that I wanted to point out, if you know his story, Kb has had a tough life, growing up a military kid amongst other things, but he has this hope about him. It’s a really nice change, usually I find people have a victim mentality when it comes to growing up in tough situations. If anything is clear on his newest album #tomorrowwelive he is full of hope and drive, and hey at the end of the day everyone could use more of those two things.

If you haven’t already check out the song “I believe” or “Ima Just Do It”

I think it’s time we start believing who God says we are, and just go forward and do the big things God has called us to do regardless of how scary they may seem to be.


Another Year Gone

So without giving the specific day away, let’s just say my birthday is coming up very very soon. So I was thinking about putting together a blog on what I feel are the biggest lessons I have learned this year as well as some highlights.

This year was a really busy one, as you probably know I started with absolutely no radio experience and now host a four hour show every single night on life 100.3. I also started this year with no radio production experience and have been producing an internationally syndicated radio show for almost a year now! Around May of last year I also remember driving to Gravenhurst Ontario for an event with another announcer from Life, Tim from the all new breakfast club. As we were driving, he looked over at me and asked “How do you feel about speaking at youth groups”? I remember thinking to my self “oh boy here we go”, I remember being nervous only to agree to start speaking right away. Within a very short time of about 2 months I went from setting up tents to hosting a radio show, producing another one and speaking to youth groups.

If I had to be honest, there were times where it was extremely overwhelming. I remember transitioning from a program that I used to produce with to a new one and literally spending hours one day over the phone with Evan Duran trying to troubleshoot something, only then to find out someone was sick and I had to fill in for them doing something on air that I had never done before in a few hours. It was probably one of two awful days of this past year for me. I also remember the first time I had to speak to a youth group. I went and spoke to the different groups at Willow Creek Baptist Church in Midhurst. I remember opening the door to the portable where everyone was gathered, it was packed and to make matters even more fun my boss was standing at the back taking notes the whole time I was speaking for about 45 minutes. Another time I spoke at a church on halloween, so people had all of there unsaved friends come out to the event, the plan was for everyone to play some games then there was going to be an opening band then I would speak before the headliners. Well the opening band cancelled so we went right from a dance off to me trying to get everyone to settle down so I could speak. It was pretty awkward, but here’s the thing I got through it.

Honestly now that I am looking back it’s pretty surreal, it’s funny how you think your life is going to go one way and then you have these little moments that change the corse completely. If you would have asked me a year ago what I thought this past year would look like, I never EVER would have guessed it would look like this. This leads me to probably the biggest piece of advice I can offer from my last year of experiences:

I remember when Life 100.3 was trying to acquire another station down in Toronto a few years back and when we didn’t get it people where discouraged. I wasn’t, I know that God is God, He sees all the angles when we can only see a few. That has definitely been a great reminder for me going through this. I can’t even tell you how many times there where things that I didn’t want to do, I would go to God and be like “Come on are you serious” but time after time I would choose to put my trust not in what I saw but in who God is and who He has been to me throughout my entire life. Just this last year I have interviewed Andy Mineo, Manafest twice another time live in the studio, Silverline, Lecrae, We Are Leo, Manic Drive, Loftland twice, Anthem For Today In Studio, Sky Terminal, multiple pastors and people, I also received a position as a full time radio host, started radio production, started speaking… all in one years time. In closing let me encourage you, God has a plan for you, there is no such thing as a time limit when it comes to God, so relax trust in Him and when the time is right he will excel and exult you all you have to do is trust. ūüôā

Terry Molinaro
Street Alias – T-Money

Getting Ready To Speak At Christian Victory

First Photo Shoot with J-Mac
Unstoppable Movie Tour
AFT Concert

One Of My Last Street Team Events at Mash Bash 2014
Never Thought I would go see the Gaithers at COTQ

Pip & Evan Duran @ Sharathon 2014

Sharathon 2014 2

Air Raid 23 Front Lobby 

Ryan of Silverline
Hanging with Loftland 2014
We Are Leo Minus the Lead Singer
Dennis From Our Street Teams Wedding

Tim on the drums in Gravenhurst the day he told me I was going to start speaking at youth groups

First time hanging with Todd Gale

At My First Speaking Gig at Willow Creek Baptist Church

After I spoke in Huntsville 

At Wilderness Tours White Water Rafting with the winners of the Make Me Laugh Contest

Trevor from TFK @ Wonderjam 2014

Lecrae @ Wonderjam 2014

Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime

Marcel Of Sky Terminal

The Boys that would turn out to form All Flaws In Progress

Speaking In Southhampton

Manafest and the Mike from Sky Terminal In Studio

@ Better Together with Laura Fess from The Student Life Barrie

@AirRaid 24

Laura From The Student Life Barrie Filling In For Pastor Andrew

Working On Things To Come
Another Year Gone

Confidence > Arrogance

Hey what’s going on? Now I don’t know about you but I am a podcast person, after the Slam ends at around 11pm at night I do a few things around the office then I head home and usually if I’m not listening to music I’ll throw on a podcast. This afternoon as I was on my way to work I did just that and heard something interesting that I would like to share.

Believe it or not I was checking out a personal finance guru and he said something that was pretty interesting to me, he was talking about the difference between confidence and arrogance and how especially in Christian circles we get these two words mixed up usually to the point of neglect. It struck a chord with me personally. I know that I am supposed to deny my flesh and bear my cross daily as a Christian. But who says I can’t do that and also display confidence. After all aren’t we supposed to be the salt and light, the game changers the ones who are to influence the world for the better ? Last time I checked the greatest influence of all time Jesus Christ displayed massive amounts of Godly humble confidence, and as Christians isn’t Jesus the one we are supposed to model our lives after?

Just some thoughts Confidence > Arrogance

~Terry Molinaro

Confidence > Arrogance