100 Years

What’s going on, it has been a while, I just have some thoughts that I would like to share on this fantastic example of a day. Honestly I work a lot and most people may not see that, but I’m constantly going, and with that I think has come some dangerous things…

The reason I work so much is because I love what I do, I love being on air and having a great time throughout the week, I love doing some production here and there at my house, I love working on my music. However what I found started to happen is my intention and my focus started to shift and be all about work and getting better at what I do, and my focus fell away from why I am supposed to do what I do.

With everything that I do there needs to be intention, in other words for me personally there has to be a reason why I am doing something and it has to be more then surface deep.

The other day I was asked who would I love to interview, and I thought about it and said, I think I would like to interview Mr. Ryan Seacrest, then the person asked me what I would ask him, It took me a while but I responded, If I was to interview Ryan Seacrest I would simply ask him…

Ryan, you are a business mogul, we all know the jokes about you working like 20 jobs but I want to know, out of all that you are working on right now and of everything you do, what do you think will last into the next 100 years?

Now that question got me thinking, I thought of all his fame and his fortune, I thought about American Idol I thought about his New Years Eve show and Ryan Seacrest Productions along with all of his different T.V shows that he produces. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t see any of that lasting come another 100 years.

That changed my outlook ┬ábecause suddenly I took my focus off of the immediate and thought to myself, “What am I doing right now that will last 100 years from now?” ┬áThe answer was simple, people will forget the name Terry Molinaro they will forget about the Slam, Life 100.3 may or may not be in existence along with radio in general, but the people that I talk to, the messages that I share, when we open up the Bible and read it together and pray on air, the things we share to help each other grow, I think those are the things that will get passed down and hopefully make the world a better place.

When all is said and done, I probably will never own a Ferrari or a mansion, I probably won’t host the worlds most popular T.V show, but every time I turn on the mic in that little studio, and speak the truth and speak encouragement, I’m building not for today but hopefully for tomorrow and eternity.

100 Years