Getting Pumped and Living Multiple Lives

Okay so today is of course Friday which means a few things, people are for some reason happier, I think the lady at Tim Hortons on my drive into work actually smiled at me ( I’m about 75% Sure ). Moving on this past week has been a lot of fun coupled with a a lot of hard work, so I am looking forward to my weekend. One of my favourite things to do is just hang out with family and friends and watch a movie, this week we are hanging out with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt…

I’m not going to lie it has been awhile since I have really enjoyed a Tom Cruise movie, I think the last one that I saw was Oblivion which was either a hit or miss depending on who you talked too. However I hear a lot of good things about Edge of Tomorrow so here’s hoping…
But of course I have to drive home just like most of you from work, and what better way to start off the weekend then with some pump me up music, here’s one that I have been getting into recently.
Enjoy ~Terry
Getting Pumped and Living Multiple Lives

Hey, just a thought…lets have a good life :)

I feel like I am starting every single blog off like this, but we are all busy, a lot of us have jobs, a lot of us have kids that we are trying to raise a lot of us have studies and things that fill up our time, now I realize that the purpose of a blog is not to make people depressed but I feel like I need to share something…

We are all getting older, every single day every minute and every second, and as I stop and reflect and look around, I don’t see a lot of people that are walking around with smiles on there faces or a skip in their step, I see people that are focused on these goals that we make to be bigger then life itself. Even as I go into coffee shops I hear people talk all the time about business and what just happened at work. 

I have a good friend, who is an amazing person filled with so much potential, but now all I here this person talk about is work, where we used to dream out loud together and inspire each other, all I hear is how much work sucks or what this employee said or did.
If I was to be honest I would have to say that I am guilty of the exact same thing. I am guilty of letting little things over shadow and out shine the bigger picture. Recently someone came over to my house and started to renovate my kitchen, they almost finished but didn’t have the means to finish this one area, so I would look at it almost every day and think to myself, “Why isn’t the person coming back to fix it, it’s been so long since the job was started”, when I know that the person has been working non stop and is wearing thin.
Not to be dramatic and I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but when was it when our jobs and money started to outweigh our families and friends and just people in general? When did people start mattering less then our busy schedules?
When I think of the one that I am trying to model my whole life after, Jesus Christ, I see a man who loved people so much that he gave his life for the very ones who where torturing him and beating him, he didn’t just die for the ones that loved him, he died for the ones who without cause hated him.
With that in mind I close with this, look around you, envision your house, envision all the material things in the world that you could ever want being yours, now think of that reality apart from people. I did and that is never a reality that I want to live in.
Terry Molinaro 
Hey, just a thought…lets have a good life :)

I’m thinking that this isn’t entirely true…with the end being the only exception

Now I realize that no one is perfect. We make mistakes, but we have to be careful that our mistakes don’t influence people in the wrong way, as someone pointed out to me when I showed them this video, those who are called to teach will be held accountable. I have noticed recently something very dangerous creeping into the church, and that is a message of a happy life a message of people pleasing…that scares me. What about you? Where is the fear of God, I think the message should be less about making people feel good and more about speaking the truth, of course in love, but the truth none the less.
I’m thinking that this isn’t entirely true…with the end being the only exception