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John 14:12

WonderJam 2014

What’s going on? I trust you had a great weekend, now this weekend I was just planning on catching up on things around the house but 12pm came around and I was like “Forget That” so I jumped in the car and drove down to Wonder Land in Vaughn, where I was immediately welcomed by the beautiful face of one of my friends who ushered me into the concert area of the park ( it wasn’t opened for another few hours ). And so we where just hanging out talking when suddenly we noticed some commotion, and low and behold it was Trevor the Lead Singer from TFK, and as he was walking towards us, my friend was so chill he just turned his head and was like “What’s Up Trev” like they where best friends, it was pretty funny. So he ended up coming by and talking with us briefly we got some pictures shook some hands exchanged smiles, the usual.

Later on in the night some friends from the radio station had to go on stage and I noticed them heading back stage past security so I quickly grabbed a bag and a microphone to look the part…I know, I know it was bad I’m sorry, but funny enough the security guard let me backstage, so ya that’s a thing.

Lecrae was performing and by performing I mean exerting more energy in 30 minutes then most people would in a year, but when he was done his set, it was so funny, he came off stage and was just all smiles and had a completely relaxed conversation with a few people while the crowd was chanting, “ONE MORE SONG!”. But as soon as the  music came back on his face changed and he ran back out on stage and killed the encore…

WonderJam 2014 = Success

WonderJam 2014

An Apple A Day

Ok so I know how border line ridiculous the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” sounds. But sometimes let’s face it life gets busy and we get tired so we turn to things like coffee and other beverages to help get us through our bouts of sleep deprived weeks. But then I noticed number one how much money I was spending on coffee and how bad it was for me. So I just started eating more live foods, and believe it or not by eating just one apple a day I had more energy. I know crazy right? Couple that with water and I have had more energy then ever!

Bottom line, live food > processed, water > coffee 

An Apple A Day

White Water Rafting The Ottawa River Courtesy of Life 100.3!!

What is going on everybody? It has been too long but alas it is time to break the silence here on the blog because this past weekend I got to experience something that a lot of my friends and family had done and that is go whitewater rafting down the Ottawa River!

Now to kind of paint a picture as to where I was at on the whole throwing yourself into dangerous situations, well I remember my parents telling me about the time they went white water rafting, and of course they bring out all the bad experiences of how people where thrown off of the boat and couldn’t swim, but that was a long time ago. Actually it was so long ago that they didm’t regulate helmets, as a matter of fact a week after they went someone hit there head on rocks and died and thats when they introduced the seemingly obvious helmet.

The Bungee Jumping Tower of Doom

So Friday June 13th (I Know How Perfect) we set out to go but of course the relatives have to call and remind me of all the craziness that happened to them when they went WWR, my uncle was apparently sucked under the water by an undertow and didn’t get back to the surface for almost a minute….so ya that’s a thing.

Anyways as I said Friday we left life 100.3 studios to head out on our weekend adventure, I feel like the drive was the most painful part of the whole experience, I think it was about a 6 hour drive?

Now something that was pretty funny and specific to this particular weekend was the fact that it was college and university weekend, and the last time I checked excessive partying and 13-14 year old people ( the people that I went with ) don’t really match. But as awful as this is going to sound…they where the friendliest funniest drunks I have ever met, they actually enhanced the experience, on the first night they made some sort of wall in the road with beer cans and where conducting traffic, although in a rather horrible turn of events it turns out that over drinking can result in throwing up in the early hours of the morning, so that was nice to wake up too…

Wait till you see it…
Our Crew
Our Totally Sketch Cabin…In The Woods

Saturday was White Water Day!! It turned out that we where trip number one so we had to wake up at 6 in the morning ( the drunk people where in our group as well, so that must of sucked for them ), go down to the chalet and have breakfast and grab our wet suits, me and the other guys where joking that we finally obtained that elusive THIGH GAP!!!

Now I’m not sure where the disconnect occurred but somewhere down the line communication was broken and we ended up going down the most intense rapids that the ottawa river had to offer all leading up to one called “The Colosseum”, I remember sitting at the top of it waiting for our turn to go down and watching people fall off and listening to our instructor telling us that the raft could most likely flip over, but oddly enough I was just really relaxed, maybe because I was so tired, I don’t know

Over All a great weekend filled with great people great food bad sleeping accommodations, it’s always a great time!

I want to send a huge shout out to Life 100.3 for sending me along side the winners of the Make Me Laugh Contest we all had a Blast. Would I do it again…HECK YES!!


Our Wet Suites where surprisingly very nice, and yes the third guy beside me is wearing pants
White Water Rafting The Ottawa River Courtesy of Life 100.3!!

Man Thong!!! Oh my Europe

Ok so it seems that it has fallen upon my shoulders to get the warning out…believe it or not even amongst young people and yes even amongst people who live in Canada…THE SPEEDO LIVES!

With the warm weather that we have had lately and temperatures rising all over the place it was inevitable, we where able to withstand this abuse of human rights for months over the winter, but now with the need to look like the guy off of the Mr. Crispers commercial men all over the place have resorted to the barely there mens swimwear (which rhythms ) the SPEEDO.

Should it be banned, should I consult a shrink because I wrote this blog, I don’t know but one this is for certain… The Summer is here

Man Thong!!! Oh my Europe