I remember when I was younger I used to do something, have you ever heard the saying “misery loves company”? It’s so true. I remember if I was insecure about something, I would surround myself with people who were underachievers, people who never wanted to rock the boat or step out and do big things because I knew that as long as I was hanging out with them I wouldn’t feel convicted. It’s funny, if you go into a room full of people who struggle with a particular insecurity you will most likely find people who are comforted by the commonality of having the same problem. However as soon as someone walks into the room who doesn’t struggle with that same thing suddenly the problem becomes clear.

As time goes on, I have come to really realize the previously stated as truth. I have had many people come up to me and tell me their problems not looking for a solution, rather looking for comfort in the
commonality of insecurity.

I don’t know about you, but I want the most out of life. Now when trouble comes, when something comes that is out of my control or a situation arises that is out of my comfort zone. I go straight to God. The other day I remember there was something that I was really nervous about doing, so I prayed about it and felt to keep going. If this was a year ago even, I would have constantly gone back and forth to God with prayers like “God are you sure”, “Maybe you are getting my prayer confused with someone else’s” etc. However now, I just trust, trust that if God is in it, guess what it’s going to work out regardless of if I think it will or not.

In closing, don’t put up with insecurities, be bold, set your mind to destroying them. I rather put in the work now then live with them for the rest of my life!

Here’s an old video that I shot that sums it up:


OFLO15 With Everything

The biggest weekend for youth groups is finally here, we have Overflow 2015 going down from May 15th to May 17th! I remember when I was a bit younger, rather less busy with life in general. I used to go to OverFlow almost every single year with my youth group. Actually the first time I experienced slammin christian hits favourites Family Force 5 was at over flow. I remember the lead singer at that time was wearing these massive hulk gloves and was punching at the crowd while singing their hit “Love Addict”. It was pretty fantastic. This year the line up is equally as good with Andy Mineo, Thousand Foot Krutch and local boys Anthem For Today performing! Can’t wait for people to call in and let me know how it went!

OFLO15 With Everything

The Anomaly Tour

We arrived 3 hours early and there were already 2 massive line ups waiting to get in. One line up was to get into the V.I.P area, the other, which wrapped around the entire building, was for General Admission seating. The first thing I did was go to a back door where security let me in, only for me to walk past the V.I.P meet and greet lounge section where Lecrae would be taking pictures with fans. As I walked past the front double doors I noticed a massive trailer with a special anomaly tour wrap. Then I opened up the double doors that led into the main concert area where the crew were setting up massive LED screens all over the stage.

An hour went by and the V.I.P doors opened, everyone scrambling for the best seats. Andy Mineo came out and shared some stories from the road as well as a bit of his heart towards the hip hop scene, while Lecrae was on the opposite side of the building taking pictures and signing autographs.

Another hour went by and the main doors opened. I’m not even joking people flooded that building. Within probably 20 minutes the massive auditorium was jam packed. Ten minutes till show time I greeted the crowd. As soon as I got on stage people cheered, everyone was super pumped up!

The show kicked off just after 7 with DJ Promote getting everyone excited and ready for Andy Mineo. He killed it! Remixing everything from Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars to Manolo by Trip Lee.
Actually I don’t even know if I should write this but the girl in front of me was so overwhelmed and excited, no word of a lie she threw up everywhere, pretty disgusting but everyone was going crazy!

Andy Mineo was his usual crazy self, surf boarding on inflatable ice cream sandwiches. But around ┬áthe end of his set he took it to a whole new level. He started up with Uno Uno Seis and finished it all off with You Can’t Stop Me!

After a quick set change Lecrae hit the stage, the whole sold out show went nuts. Man I have actually not seen so many bizarre dance moves as I did that night, the crowd was having a great time! Don’t believe me check out the videos below!

The Anomaly Tour