Time Changes Everything

TIme Changes Everything

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, people parish.”

I’ve spent just over 23 years on this earth, I’ve seen many things happen, both good and bad. One thing that I have been reflecting on recently is the fact that time really does change everything. Recently I went to get my passport renewed, as I was going through different papers to make sure I had everything I needed, I found my old passport…from 9 years ago! I opened it up and looked at probably the most ridiculous photo that has ever been taken of me in my entire life. I had this weird long hairstyle that parted in the middle with this weird poor excuse for a moustache. When I got to the passport office I asked the lady if she wanted a laugh and showed her my picture. She said I looked cute, clearly we have different definitions of “cute”. In order to renew my passport I had to give the lady a current picture so I set it down right next to my old one from 9 years ago. Obviously I could see clearly on the surface that time changes a lot of things. Then I started thinking about the things that I used to believe, the things I used to stand for and the world that I lived in back then. Time really does change everything.

Throughout all of our lives we have trends, I want to weigh this much, I want to make this much money by this time. I want to save up so I can afford that car, or I really want to just have some courage and tell that person that I like them. I just wanted to ask you, which one of these trends or patterns do you identify with? I remember recently hearing two wise men on separate occasions talk about paths. How the things that we all do on a day to day basis set us on paths. For example when I was younger and wanted my drivers license, I bought the books, I studied. I then booked my drivers test which eventually resulted in me getting my license. I started off on a path and arrived at the destination which that path set me towards.

Where are the paths in your life taking you?

I’m amazed as I look back on my life how seemingly small choices both good and bad, had massive ripples throughout my life. Times where I fed my fear instead of my faith, times where I went down paths that I never should have. But also positive paths. Both the good and the bad have had major impact on my life.

Let me ask you a question, what does God have for you? You may be reading this as someone who has never known God, maybe you’re reading this as someone who has been hurt from the church or someone who is searching for answers or maybe someone who downright hates everything about Christianity. You are on this earth for a reason. There is a specific plan that God has for you personally to accomplish. What paths are you on and are they helping you accomplish this one central goal. I don’t know why, but if you are anything like me, you complicate the simple things sometimes. But life really is that simple. There are things God needs your help to accomplish, an amazing life waiting for you to either start or start pulling up your socks and work harder at, or perhaps one waiting for you to discover. All of these paths that we go down affect our effectiveness when it comes to accomplishing this goal. That’s what I’d ask you, what paths are you on? I have been asking myself this recently, and really taking a hard look at my life. We can try to complicate things by making excuses and say, “Oh I work hard, I deserve to party on the weekends”, or “I don’t have time to go to the gym, or pray or read my Bible.” The truth is all of these things that we think are simple choices actually are profound life altering choices.

One day, just like with my passport photo 9 years later, we will all look back at our life. We will look at our desires that led us down many different diverse paths throughout our life, we will see how these decisions impacted our main purpose here on earth, but will we look back with joy, or regret? We all have to make choices, every day. One thing will always remain constant; Time changes everything.

Time Changes Everything

Take Heart!

Take Heart!

It’s so hard to see someone who you love go through a difficut situation or season. Especially when it is a person who knows the answers that you would give them. What do you say to comfort them, what can you tell them that they don’t already know? Recently this exact thing happened to me. Someone I loved was just at the end of her rope, she was just covered with discouragement. Just by the way the conversation was going I knew that I didn’t have the words to help her out of what she was going through, but God did. I remember I walked into a room were I was alone and I just started pacing back and forth. “God every single night I go on the air and I proclaim how You are good and how You provide for the ones that honestly follow You when they are in need. Well, God, this person is in need and I don’t know what to say. I need a word from You.” Immediately God gave me a word, He said to tell her to “Take heart, for I (God) am with you!” Right away I felt a release and peace. I almost second guessed what I heard beacuse it was so simple, but I went out of the room, went to this person and told them what God had for them. It was exactly what she needed to hear.

Take heart for I am with you. Let’s talk about that for a second, as a Christian I do not put my faith in people that are not all poweful, I don’t put my faith in worthless things, I don’t but my faith in a statue of a fat man that people have to bring fruit to every day for some reason. As a Christian, I don’t find my comfort in finances or securities around me, I put my faith in the only one true living God. When I told her that word from God I started thinking back on all the times in the Bible where people were faced with adverse circumstances, in the old testament and in the new. Every single time God came through for them. It might not have been in the way that the person thought, or even in the seemingly right timing, but God always was there. I’m blown away when I remember that God exists outside of time so at the exact point in time you are going through a struggle, He is also at the end with you celebrating the victory.

Let me encourage you to take heart for God is with you. God calls you blessed, prospered and to be envied, you are the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath. You may be going through a tough struggle, one that appears to have no way out, but take heart knowing that God is already up the road celebrating the victory with you. Know that He holds, as a matter of fact, all the victories. So stand tall, stand strong amongst the trials that you are facing right now and take heart because God is with you, and nothing is impossible with Him!

Take Heart!