Immediately, without question.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

   I remember awhile ago, I was sitting with a gentleman in my car and we were just talking about the usual, life, work, family so on and so forth. He started to get really excited because he had one of those “Aha” moments. He turned to look at me and referenced that above portion of the Lord’s prayer as found in Matthew 6, however, he stopped after the last part. “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. You know when people just look at you and you can tell that their thoughts and yours just aren’t matching? That is exactly what happened. He said, “Terry, do you know how God’s will is done in heaven?” He paused for a second and said, “Immediately, without question”.

Recently there was someone in my immediate circles that shared something that was both extremely encouraging, but also a slap in the face at the same time. After attending a weekly small group Bible study, there was a lady who got in her car to drive home like every week in the past. It was about 10:30 at night and there was no one on the side walks, but as she was driving she noticed one man. As soon as she did, God immediately spoke to her and said, “Give that man a Bible”. Being a woman (her words not mine) she said that she immediately said to God, “I’m a woman, I’m alone, it’s dark out, there is no one around and he’s a man. God, I can’t stop, what if something happens?”  She kept driving  and after a few minutes God said once again, “I want you to go give that man a bible.” This continued until she was about one kilometre away from where she originally saw the man, finally she listened to God and turned the car around. When she was back in the area she no longer saw the man, then she heard God one more time, “look left”, He said. She saw him on a side street so she slowly pulled the car up next to him and rolled the window down an inch. “Excuse me”, she said. “I don’t know how you’re going to receive this, but God told me to give you a Bible”. He responded, “God told you to give me a Bible?” As soon as he said that, she immediately thought, “Here we go, he’s going to think I’m just a crazy Christian person.” However, to her surprise he said, “I’ve been walking around for hours tonight, meditating and talking to God, my original faith was Muslim, then I became a Christian. I was debating whether to go back to my roots of the Muslim faith.” And then he said, “So I talked to God and said, whichever God is real reveal yourself to me tonight.” Then he looked at her and pointed to a house two doors up the road and said, “See, that’s my house. I was about to go in and return to my Muslim roots, and you brought me this Bible. Now I know who my real God is.” With tears in both of their eyes, she got out of her car, opened up her trunk and gave him the Bible.

I’m at an age where I know God speaks clearly to those who are partnered
with him, (John 16:13). Stories like these encourage us, but in my life, because I partner with God, they are every day occurrences. However, for me personally, the question on my mind was. “What if she kept driving even two more minutes? Even if she would have turned around, the man would have entered his house and she never would have found him.” In the end, God would have sent someone else, I’m sure. Even so, who knows what that man would have gone through. Who knows if maybe he would have returned to his original beliefs and hardened his heart. You see sometimes to us, it’s an inconvenience, but to others it’s eternity. This reminder shook me. I often hear people say things like, “God has been dealing with me about something for months now.” Well, how many lives have we messed up or how many opportunities have we forfeited because of that selfishness? I’m glad this person shared this with me as it’s a great reminder of how we need to be ready to hear, and quick to respond.

   “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” As long as it is truly the voice of God, immediately, without question.


Immediately, without question.

She Made It! Kimmy B Stops By The Show

It was so nice speaking with such a down to earth person. You know it’s funny usually it’s the ones who have been through the most and yet regardless of circumstances have still made it, that make for the most real down to earth people. You heard the interview above already, but I wanted to just reiterate something that I thought was huge.

Her song “I Made It” was written at a time and point in her life where it seemed like those three words strung together couldn’t have been further from the truth. As I mentioned though she knew Jeremiah 29:11, regardless of her current circumstances she said, God I know the plans that You have for me, plans to prosper me not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future! I told her this and it’s the truth, that is so powerful. Let me encourage you, regardless of your circumstances, regardless of where you are in life, know that you have already made it because of who you serve and because of the plans, the good plans, He has for you!


She Made It! Kimmy B Stops By The Show

{Be Still}

Psalm 27:13-14

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

Sometimes as Christians our head knowledge doesn’t make a connection with our hearts. We can quote the bible, we can quote the famous scripture verses but the moment something comes up against us the unestablished, the untested ones fall. They either end up giving up or starting a pity party. Jeremiah 29:11, probably one of the most quoted verses in the bible, talks about the plans God has for us. He has plans to prosper us not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future. I personally love this verse, I hold on to it when times get tough. For some people the moment life begins to get a bit uncertain, or the enemy throws a small disturbance their way, they forget about this promise.

The Bible says that God is faithful to watch over His word to fulfill it. Let me encourage you, through the bad, through the seemingly impossible do what you need to to seek God. Lock yourself in the washroom, if you’re at work go for a quick walk, take a deep breath and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God is watching over your life. He is watching over His words when He spoke about you and said that He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Look through the anger, the bitterness the pain and the uncertainty and see the destination that God has waiting for you!


{Be Still}

For The Greater Good

  My goodness, it has been awhile since my last post. Sorry about that. I hate to start off with the usual cliche, but I’ve been busy, like really busy. There are so many things I have been learning recently that I want to share, things that have been easy to learn and things that have been really difficult.

  I was praying with someone actually the other night, my prayer was really simple. I just was really honest with God, something that I have learned to start doing more and more. I was just letting Him know how frustrated I was with this thing that seems to always be hanging around betting on my failure time after time after time. And then, in only the way God could, He brought me to that place in the Bible where on the outside, here on earth, everything seemed lost and hopeless. That place when Jesus hung on the cross, after He had been tortured and beaten. When everything around Him in the natural looked wrong, like somehow God didn’t foresee what had just happened. As time seemed to stand still, He looked up and proclaimed three words that are profound, ” It Is Finished.”

There are so many things that just scream at me from this, the one that I wish to talk about:
Sometimes you have to lay things down for a greater purpose.

  Recently there has been such an attack against me in a few different areas, which does not phase me because I have read the book of Ephesians enough times to understand that usually what we are battling against isn’t really what we see in front of us. So I protect myself and guard myself and try not to open any doors. Without getting into much detail, let’s just say the enemy has been switching his tactics by trying to affect circumstances around me. However, I have chosen not to allow these things to take my attention away from my current assignment here on earth. There have been many times where I could have allowed arguments to arise between me and people to take my focus away from what I am called to do. I could have allowed bitterness, anger, hatred, unforgiveness and many other things to come in and distract me. Let me encourage you, sometimes you just have to see things for what they are. Sometimes the argument, even though you are justified, isn’t worth compromising the over-all assignment. I don’t know what your bible says, mine says that I will be judged as a believer in front of God one day, whether it be then or now as He looks down.  My hope and my goal is for Him to see my area of influence and see that I have it locked down, that I am good and faithful to complete my assignments.

  Remember that as you go into your day tomorrow, your weeks and months and years to come. Sometimes you need to lay things down like arguments regardless if you are right, regardless if you have been mistreated, for the greater good.  When Jesus hung on the cross however many years ago, even though it looked like He was finished, it was the devil who really was. He gave of Himself, He gave of His life to win the war in the end.

For The Greater Good