It is Time For Some Brand Spanking new music, as many people already know and are extremely excited about Flyleaf has been using the popular crowd funding site pledge music to fund a new album, I’m pretty excited for it, sure the sound appears to be quite different ( Fireflight softish ) but hey FlyLeaf always kill it.¬†http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/flyleaf

Check out there new single “Set Me On Fire”

Another person that is no stranger to the christian music scene is Lecrae, I caught up with him on my show a few weeks ago and bumped into him at wonderjam, but he was keeping his lips sealed when it came to his new music, finally fresh out of the lab we have some new Lecrae!

But of course new music is just not as sweet without some new MERCH!! Check out some of the new summer gear from Loftland as well as Andy Mineo

Iwould like to officially thank reach and Dream records for making merch so fantastical that I can’t resist, no matter how expensive it might be, although I have said it before I am waiting for someone to make so pants! As soon as that happens I will be right at the front of the line with my universal gift card AKA VISA.

I leave you with Loftlands New Track that they just released to radio, Let’s Make It Loud! YAA BABY sounds like a plan to me!