Road Trip!

Hey what’s going on friends, this week on the show we had a talk back show on end of summer road trips! You guys called in with some really cool ideas and now honestly I’m sitting at my desk thinking to myself, man I really want to go on a road trip. How cool would it be to just get in a car, drive to another country and explore. I was speaking the other day in Midhurst at a youth groups pool party and someone asked me “what do you do for fun”? And I told them I love driving around with some good friends, some good conversation and a good drink!

Maybe it’s because this used to happen a lot during my street teaming days. I remember time after time going to Owen Sound or Peterborough, and just throwing on a new album grabbing a drink from Tim Hortons and just driving all over the place.

It’s been awhile since I have been on a road trip, the last time I went was with my youth group to Mexico, that’s right, Mexico… we drove and drove and drove all the way from Ontario to Mexico! But it was a great time! Before summer 2015 comes to an end, that’s something I would really like to do, take a spontaneous road trip!

Road Trip!

Seeking God

 I can remember conversation after conversation, where people would say, “I don’t think it’s really necessary to pray about everything, God has more important things to do”. I have equally as much heard people say that if something good or bad happens it must be God trying to say something, it must have been God’s will for this job to end because I was fired, so on so forth. It could have been God’s will, it could not have been. The question, did we stop and seek God?

The other day I was reading through the book of Joshua, and I came to chapter nine which is titled “The Gibeonite Deception”. You know the story of Joshua, how he was told by God to be strong and courageous and go and take back the land? Well they where conquering city after city, king after king, and finally the Gibeonites thought, “Man we can’t beat these guys, let’s see if they will make peace with us”. So they pretend that they are a people who have come from a far away land, deceiving Israel and ultimately getting them to promise their protection. If you look at verse fourteen, it says that they (Israel) didn’t seek counsel from the Lord on this matter.

So they continue on in there journey only to find out that they had been tricked, that the Gibeonite’s live among them and they where indeed enemies of Israel. Something interesting happens, in verse eighteen it says, (once they got to the Gibeonite cities) “But the people of Israel did not attack them, because the leaders of the congregation had sworn to them by the Lord, the God of Israel. Then the congregation murmured against the leaders”. In other words they started to talk bad about them, there opinion was starting to be tarnished, devision was starting to rise through the ranks, and ultimately the Lord’s perfect will wasn’t accomplished. Here’s an interesting point, those people eventually became Israel’s servants, they cut wood they drew water, which seems like it was good thing, but that wasn’t God’s original plan. You see those people eventually spread and spread, multiplied and grew, and a people group of unholy people populated the earth. All because the leaders did not seek God.

I can’t even begin to express how blessed I am, I don’t drive around in a Ferrari, I don’t have mad stacks of cash like your favourite rap artist pretends to have, but I have always made the right decisions when I spent time seeking God. Let me encourage you, you may not know who to marry, what school to go to, what job to apply for, but God knows the right one. This applies to anything, people come over and say all the time, oh your pets are so well behaved they are so sweet and affectionate, well they should be because we prayed about the right ones, when I think about the dog we have now, I wanted a different one, but God led us to this guy, now the other one is all hyper all the time but the one that we prayed about is the most well mannered awesome pet we could ever ask for. You see, we see a few angles but God sees them all, He is the author of humanity, He knows the end from the beginning.

Matthew 7:7
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Seeking God