Is It The Right Choice To Turn The Other Cheek?

   I don’t know if by the time you’re reading this I will have already done the talk back show related to it, but on my show I’m having a talk back question, “As Christians, at what point do we turn the other cheek and at what point to we step in and get involved?”. When I first decided on the question it was because of a video I saw online, maybe you have seen it as well. Basically there was someone beating up a blind kid and then out of no where another guy comes along and punches the kid who was doing the beating, knocking him to the ground. Immediately I thought, okay so I know what I would do, I would stand up for that kid that was being beaten, but what is the right thing to do as a Christian?

   Then the question evolved, I remember on October 7th I read a report from a place that I believe was Syria. A group of missionaries were in an area that was invaded by Isis. Their leader urged them to leave but they where adamant on staying, long story short, they were taken and brutally tortured, the women were raped in awful ways and then murdered. I don’t want to get into too much detail but the report said that the men were even raping the women while they were praying.

   I have read report after report on the horrendous things that these terrorists of the human race have done to people. Crucifixions, torturous things and awful sexual assaults on women. And if I had to be honest, they have bothered me. I read one report actually during my radio show, and it just made me so angry I had a hard time finishing the night. Even now the actions described run through my mind. The one that bothers me the most is the picture of these people raping the women as they pray. It just makes me so angry.

   I’m still praying about this one, that’s how much it bothered me. But the question that is in my mind is, at what point did we make the transition from people who where mighty, who were able to perform mighty things, like in the old testament where the prophet called down fire or where the Christians just destroyed the evil and killed it off in the land, to a people of just words. I’m not trying to spread doubt, because believe me I know God is able. I simply wonder, could those people affected by this brutal torture have commanded the people coming after them to be blind, or could they have called down fire on them?

   As the days get darker and confrontation is something that we all should expect on even a daily basis, I need to find an answer for this question. Are words the only thing we need to be fighting with in prayer, or is it God’s will to fight back?

Is It The Right Choice To Turn The Other Cheek?

"Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole purpose of man"

   Hey what’s going on? If you have been listening to my show recently, you will know that I have been going through the book of Kings. This is a pretty wild book, everything from extreme wisdom and wealth, to bears ripping apart a bunch of kids who mocked one of God’s buddies. I’ll never stop being amazed at how God protects those who are after his own heart, but that is a topic for another day.

   There are a few things in particular that I want to share my thoughts on. The first thing I spoke about recently on my show. You have this king whose name was Ahab.  The Bible goes on to say that he set his heart to do evil, and therefore ended up doing what was evil in the Lord’s sight. He made sinning his full time job. No one in his time out- sinned this dude. Making a long story short, there was a prophet who prophesied against Ahab and prophesied his fall, however, when Ahab heard this he repented. The Bible said that he tore his clothes and put ashes on himself.  What happens next is quite amazing, even though he was the king and even though he caused the people to sin, God goes to His buddy and says, “See how Ahab has humbled himself before me and repented, therefore, I will not bring trouble and destruction in his days.” God relented from his anger.

   The reason I find this so interesting is because we all live in a day and age where people want to blame everything on God. Even Christians!  I hear all the time on my show, “if God is so good why is there evil in the world”, “if God is so good why are there murders and rapes and diseases”.  However after reading this passage in Kings my question now is; If God is so evil, why was is it that those who committed sins that people would get the death penalty for many times over in today’s day and age, were forgiven? We would have to be the worst of terrorists in order to out-sin Ahab, and yet when he cried out and humbled himself before the Lord and repented, God turned away from the destruction that He was going to pour out on him.

   There are many things that I got out of the books of 1st and 2nd Kings but I wanted to share one more. The first book starts out with Solomon, it goes on to show his massive wealth and power and wisdom. Eventually though, his wives took him away from the single most important thing he had, his relationship with God. He went after other Gods and in time he came around, but this brought about a chain of sin that would eventually bring the greatest kingdom down to the lowest of the lows. I kept reading and eventually it became clear. Wherever there was peace, God was at the centre of things, wherever there was turmoil and destruction God was not present. Don’t get me wrong God is always around, but He is not always allowed to be present. I think about my life and ask, “Where is God allowed to be present and where do I shut Him down?”

   Let me encourage you, if God’s not in it, I have learned from my own personal experiences, it’s not worth it. I don’t care if it’s a job that will pay you 20X what you make now, or if it’s a relationship that you have been involved in for a long time. If God is not in it, it’s not worth it. Remember Solomon, he had the most beautiful women as his wives and concubines. His wealth, could’t be calculated, but yet his dying words were not, get money or seek power or find the most beautiful person and marry them but rather, “Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole purpose of man”. Wow, the wisest man who has ever lived and who will ever be on the earth and that was the final thing he had to say.

“Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole purpose of man”

"Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole purpose of man"

When nothing else seems to work

   Hey Guys! Just some quick thoughts. Recently there has been a situation that has been tough for me to overcome. It was a situation where someone was just mistreating me. Now I’m not someone who allows people to walk all over me but it was a sensitive situation. I felt like I just couldn’t get ahead. Like no matter what I did, there would be negative repercussions. Let me encourage you, pray for situations like this. I remember nothing was working for me, until I started praying for this person like I would want someone praying for me. I have said it time and time again on my show, but it’s true.

How can you be angry at someone that you pray for like you would want someone praying for you?

You can’t

When nothing else seems to work