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Recently I sat down and was just browsing through a few different things on the internet, when I noticed a news story that stood out to me. The title was something like “Man sentenced to hundreds of years in prison”. It caught my attention so I clicked on the article and read it. It explained what he did to deserve the sentence of a couple hundred years, and without getting into detail the crimes that he committed matched the sentencing, I’m not trying to defend what he did. After I read the article there was a video attached that showed the sentencing take place, the man sat between two other men, probably attorney’s or lawyers as the judge read him his sentence. There were over thirty charges, and with each one read, his face sank, the man who was clearly guilty broke down into tears, and the tears turned into this bitter deep cry as he realized what it was that was happening. I can’t explain it, but it looked like for the first time this man realized what he did and what the severity of what he did was.

We all have to make choices every single day. Every single sin that we have committed was a result of a choice we made. No one can put us outside of the will of God but us. I wonder how many people do things and think nothing of it, or how many people come to the place where they have to make a choice and then choose to give into sin. Things that we don’t think are wrong because everyone else does it, but the fact is, we don’t get to choose what sin is. One day, we will all have to give an account for the things that we did or didn’t do here on earth. I’m not writing this to discourage anyone, because all have fallen short and God is good to push our sins as far as the east is from the west if we repent. However, God is and will always be just. Simply because fire isn’t necessarily falling from heaven and wiping out entire armies or nations, it does not mean that He has changed His stance on sin.

Just like that man who was sentenced to hundreds of years in prison, don’t wait for your sin to find you. Say no, cut it out, before it’s to late.


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